Drug bust nets 11 in Seneca, Lucas

David Stults - 30, Tiffin, Ohio

Authorities tracked down and arrested almost a dozen drug traffickers throughout Seneca and Lucas Counties on Monday.

The Seneca County Drug Task Force (METRICH Enforcement Unit) concluded a 12-month investigation Monday with the indictment of approximately 17 suspects. The investigation involved the sales of heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs throughout the county.

Eleven of the suspects were apprehended and incarcerated at the Seneca and Wood County Jails:

  • Robert Ward - 42, Fostoria
  • Robert Bauman - 46, Fostoria
  • Amy Blackford - 38, Fostoria
  • Jessica Dyer - 24, Fostoria
  • Claude Reed - 29, Fostoria
  • Richard Soals - 63, Fostoria
  • Brenda Baxter - 52, Fostoria
  • Marquis Smith - 34, Toledo
  • Donna Jones - 50, Attica
  • Pete Haslinger - 34, Tiffin
  • David Stults - 30, Tiffin

Authorities say a number of the drug sales conducted by the suspects were done so within 100 feet of juveniles and near area schools. The investigation is said to have stemmed from an increase in pharmaceutical and heroin-related deaths amongst the county's younger population.

"This is the conclusion of just one of several open investigations that our unit is presently working on and there are still several suspects who still remain at large," said Det. Matt D. Armstrong, Fostoria Police Department/Seneca County Drug Task Force.

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