East Toledo church is demolished after roof caves in

East Toledo. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

A large boom and a giant plume of smoke startled many East Toledo residents on Monday afternoon.

"It shook us right off the couch, there was a rumble...we were scared," said East Toledo resident George Millhoan.

The roof of the Calvary Bible Church on 4th street collapsed. The building had been abandoned for years and many neighbors say they asked repeatedly for the building to be torn down.

"It's a nuisance, it hurts the eyes and it's just not safe," said another East Toledo resident.

Paul Rasmusson, the director at the Department of Public Service was on hand to supervise the church being demolished on Tuesday evening.

He said the cost of the tear down would be more than a two-story house.

Rasmusson said that the building had been labeled a "code red" for months.

"The building was classified as a code red building which means we don't enter under normal circumstances due to structural integrity," said Private Sterling Rahe with the Toledo Fire Department.

The building is privately owned according to Rasmusson and this prevented the city from taking any action on the building prior to the roof caving in.

TFD said no injuries have been reported due to the collapse and encourage everyone to stay clear of the area until crews are finished with the demolition.

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