Experts offer opinion on Toledo divorce ranking

    The city was listed 91 out of 100 metropolitans in the country.

    Toledo ranked near the bottom of a list of the best US cities for married couples.The city was listed 91 out of 100 metropolitans in the country. The study was published in a Men's Health magazine, collecting data from state and local data, the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.Rev. D.L. Perryman, pastor of Center of Hope Baptist Church in Central Toledo has been counseling married couples for nearly twenty years.He said in the last several years money matters have dominated his sessions with couples seeking help. "When you have rough economic times like we are going through, people are feeling less control over their lives, and when we have less control of our own lives, we seek to control other lives," Rev. Perryman said.

    Darren Love has spent nearly a quarter century in the mental health profession. He said spouses sometimes abandon a marriage when their economic dreams fail to materialize. "What people expect in a partnership such as when we will buy a house, have children, those issues have an impact on the quality of life," Mr. Love saidMarried couples from Madison, Wis., took the top spot while the Charleston, W.Va., measured the worst.

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