Eyebrow Enhancements: Soto Signature Salon & Spa, Perrysburg


Microblading is a newer cosmetic practice that has been raising eyebrows and becoming more popular in medical spas and salons. The semi-permanent tattooing technique is a way to enhance the look of sparse eyebrows without undergoing an extensive procedure.

The ideal candidate for the treatment is someone who has scarce, light, or patchy eyebrows in need of a fuller look. People with this problem often spend part of their daily routine using beauty products like eyebrow pencils and brow mascara to fill-in bare brows. The result of enduring this quick and virtually pain-free procedure is out the door brows that won’t rub away.

Soto Signature Salon & Spa has mastered this method with their 3-D real brows. Clients can come in for a consultation and leave 2 hours later with a lasting look. A majority of the appointment is spent mapping out the client’s ideal brow and choosing the right pigment. Once decisions have been finalized a numbing cream is applied and the procedure begins. Small strokes are made that mimic a natural hair line, placing pigment underneath the skin with a blade consisting of tiny needles. After the semi-permanent tattooing is completed a cream is applied and the client is ready to debut their new brows!

Four weeks later, a touch up session is done to fill in any fading with a result that will then last 2-3 years.

Soto Signature Salon & Spa is offering a special discount for the procedure to anyone who mentions Soto Real Brows.

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