Family and friends remember Christopher Ryan at The Sodbuster Bar

It was standing room only at The Sodbuster Bar in Sylvania to honor the late Christopher Ryan (WNWO).

Sunday night, friends and loved ones gathered to remember Christopher Ryan.

As the day went on, the crowd grew…until there was nowhere to park and hardly anywhere to stand at The Sodbuster Bar. It was certainly a popular event at Christopher's favorite spot.

"This is Chris' stomping ground. This is where he met all of his friends and everything. I just thought he would want us to have a last hoorah here to honor him."

Christopher Ryan's girlfriend, Chloe Ellis, played a major part in organizing the celebration of his life.

Last Monday, police found the 26-year-old's body in his car on Indiana Avenue near 15th.

TPD says that, for some reason, he drove the wrong way down a one way street, before hitting a crane.

His brother Jason was impressed with Sunday's turnout.

"Yeah, we knew he was popular, but everything this community has shown us has exceeded everything we could possibly think of. Just who the person he was and the short time he was alive. All of these people have been impacted by something he did or said or just smiled at, and it just shows us that this community, how awesome it is and how awesome he was."

The event at the Sodbuster Bar on Main Street... featured a 50/50 raffle, several donated auction items, and live music.

With his sudden death, Christopher's mother, Cheryl, felt the evening went perfectly for everyone coping with the loss.

"People keep saying 'what can we do, what can we do?' Just having people around, the hugs and knowing there's support, is fantastic. We greatly appreciate it."

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