Family Attorney: Marquise Byrd was "joyful," set to turn 23 and propose

According to the family attorney Lillian Diallo, Marquise Byrd was set to propose to his girlfriend on his 23rd birthday, January 10th (Photo credit - Marquise Byrd Family).

The four teens who are charged with murder after dropping a sandbag over an overpass were back in court today.

The four teens, now aged 13 to 15, entered denials to charges of the murder of 22-year-old Marquise Byrd in their previous court appearance.

On December 19th, a sandbag was dropped off of an I-75 overpass. It struck Byrd through the windshield. He was the passenger in the car, and later died of blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Marquise Byrd's family's attorney Lillian Diallo was very emotional after the brief pretrial hearing, citing her thoughts on the case and delivering some new light into the life of Marquise Byrd.

Diallo said that Marquise was a joyful person. He was set to turn 23 on January 10th. On that day, he was going to propose to his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his two-year-old child.

She believes that workers at the construction site should be held responsible for leaving sandbags in the reach of children. She thinks the parents should be, as well.

"Somebody's child is dead because the children were not supervised like they should have been supervised. I will say that. I've had 13-year-olds. I've had 14-year-olds. At ten o'clock at night, you have no business on an overpass, throwing anything. You shouldn't be anywhere, but at home or somewhere being supervised by an adult."

Today's short hearing discussed sharing evidence. They will next appear in court on January 19th.

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