Family House missing HUD funds from last six months

Family House in Toledo claims to have not received HUD funding for six months, equaling around $120,000 (WNWO).

Family House of Toledo has served nearly 700 homeless individuals, but grant money it uses to help offset the costs has not come in from the city in six months.

Family House is the second largest homeless shelter in Ohio. They claim to receive $20,000 per month from a community block grant. Due to a change in paperwork, they haven't received funding since July, equaling around $120,000.

With the recent change of administration in the White House, the funds that Toledo generally receives from HUD, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, normally come in May or June, but the recent change had delayed the money until this past October. Organizations that receive HUD dollars from Toledo have to submit time sheets in fifteen minute increments.

"Family House and so many organizations throughout our community, who receive CDBG money, started doing just that. So Family House, we attempted three different times with three different ways and three different time sheets to submit properly. The city of Toledo rejected it three separate times, and we haven't gotten a lot of feedback back and forth," said Executive Director Renee Palacios.

The Department of Neighborhoods says this is a reimbursable grant, and they have not received paperwork from money that has been spent.

"We're here to help. We're here to partner. In no way do we want anyone's doors to close. We want to make sure that agencies are successful in the initiatives they're carrying out, and that we meet the HUD national objective if you're being funded by these HUD dollars. I want to encourage all agencies to call me if you're having difficulties," declared Assistant Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, Bonita Bonds.

Family House is home to 36 families that currently live the house. It is a 90-day shelter, with 75% of families being rehoused within 65 days. They thank good fundraising and savings for still being open today, but it is beginning to get more difficult.

They did hear from Mayor Kapszukiewicz on the issue. He said on the issue, "I'm glad we were able to help them on the issue in the short term, but we have to fix the long term problem because there are too many important services in the neighborhoods that can't afford to have uncertainty about whether their doors are going to be open."

Bridge money was approved last year by city council because of the change in administration. This has allowed Family House to receive $15,000 in November, and a $20,000 request began to be processed Wednesday.

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