Family offers reward for help in finding 64-year-old Toledo man


Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--"It was July 27th and he had just got back from his boat, he came to pick something up.."

Karen "Sue"Omler remembers the exact day when her brother 64 year-old Alvin Darrow went missing this summer.

He stopped at home to grab something for a boat trip, but never made it back.

"Everyone was wondering where he was and when they came to check on him they found his truck was locked with the keys in it," said Omler.

Nothing was stolen or missing from his home ,but Darrow never returned.

Toledo Police are investigating, treating his disappearance as a missing person's case.

No arrests have been made but his family thinks Darrow may have known something was awry.

"The last month of his life he kept telling different people that something might happen to him,"said his sister.

Currently there are 103 missing people in the city of Toledo and more than 350 unsolved homicide related cold cases.

Detective Jay Gast is working to solve some of those

But how do police go about finding a suspect when there's no information ?

"The issue that we have with cold cases is that people often relocate and move over the course of 20, 30 years, sometimes 2 years. ."

When working cases, Detectives look at DNA evidence and rely on tips from family and friends.

But that can get difficult when a neighbor or loved one becomes a suspect.

"Those individuals live in that community, live in that environment whether it's in the neighborhood or family dynamics. So that has to factor in to the way we work on the investigation," said Gast.

As Police continue their investigation, families like the Darrows, simply rely on people to come forward with information. They're offering $2500 for anyone with information about his whereabouts. They say they believe Darrow is dead, but want to bury him next to his mom and dad.

If you know anything about the case or another case you can call Crime stoppers at (419) 255-1111.

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