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February marks heart health month

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - According to the American Heart Association, a person in the United States dies from cardiovascular disease every 43 seconds. Thursday marks the start of heart health month.

Hospitals across Toledo are sharing the same message. You need a heart, so taking care of it and being proactive about your heart health is crucial.

Medical professionals say while some conditions are genetic, there are many things you can do to better your heart health.

“Trying to cut out what I call the empty calories. A lot of times you find those empty calories in drinks, so things like pop, the juices, apple juice, lemonade, even things like sugary sports drinks,” said Dr. Jeffrey Moore, a pediatric cardiologist at ProMedica.

Aside from creating a healthier food diet, you should also exercise.

“Sometimes just a simple exercise like walking, walking is so good for you. Sometimes people overdo it,” said Susan Maludy, a clinical nurse manager at the Mercy Heart Institute.

Friday is national wear red day. People across the country will wear red, raising awareness for women with heart disease.

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