Filthy Home Hospitalizes Elderly Woman


Neighbors watched Thursday night as this home on Burnham green road in Springfield Township was surrounded by emergency personal who were all wearing hazmat suits.

"It looked like a scene out of e-t to be honest with you, with so many hazmat suits that the fireman were working." Said Robert Zolziak Jr.

It was shocking news to hear, their 75-year old neighbor Barbara Foster was found molded to a chair in her front living room -- surrounded by fecal matter and urine all around her. Police records indicate, a volunteer with Our Lady of Lourdes, who delivers food to foster on a regular basis called 9-1-1 ... because she was not acting like herself. The volunteer also told police that foster has not moved from her living room chair since July of last year - he said he had gotten used to the home's foul odor.

"It’s pretty sad and its quite interesting that if people were coming and going the question at that point is what attention and emergency needs did the lady need a while ago before it got to this point. so it’s pretty sad."

John Karamol, a family friend and neighbor says they have helped foster over the years by keeping her home clean and running errands, but recently she has had other help. A church volunteer delivered food and holy communion to foster at her home.

“If you got people especially from the church coming over there why aren’t you doing something to make sure she is getting more than just some food. that’s what I don’t understand and they knew we knew her so why weren’t they coming over here, I just took it for granted that everything was cool over there."> Said John Karamol.

The Lucas County Sheriff’s office are still investigating and have recently obtained a search warrant for the home.

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