Findlay couple seeking justice for daughter's death nearly two years ago

    The DeWeese family embrace each other as the details of the case are discussed (WNWO).

    Rachel DeWeese was 22-years-old when she ran into a semi-truck during its illegal U-turn, but the statute of limitations in a case like this is only two years.

    Emily and Brett DeWeese lost their daughter on November 4th, 2016, which means there isn't much time left to get the justice they want.

    "Our daughter, that we're never going to see grow up, we're never going to see her get married, and we're never going to see her have kids," said Emily.

    Rachel was traveling down County Road 212, when a semi-truck attempted to turn around in front of her.

    According to the investigation, both lanes on Rachel's side of the road were blocked off and she drove into the trailer.

    The Sheriff's Office later learned she was driving the speed limit, was not active on her phone, and did not slow down before hitting the truck.

    "We just wanted justice for Rachel because we can't get back what's been taking away," declared Emily.

    A toxicology report showed the driver of the semi-truck, William Hudson, Jr., had morphine and oxycodone in his system at the time of the crash, but has not been charged.

    "This is the worst miscarriage of justice, and the worst non-prosecuted case I've ever seen in my life," said Attorney J.C. Ratliff.

    The DeWeese's did reach a financial settlement outside of court with the truck driving company's insurance.

    In the Sheriff's Office report, it states that Hudson, Jr. should be found at fault for an illegal turn and/or failure to yield to the right of way.

    However, in a letter from the Assistant Law Director in Findlay, from November 2017, he states "there is no evidence to show that the defendant committed any illegal traffic offense or acted in a negligent manner that resulted in the death of the victim."

    "We shouldn't have to be doing what we're doing right now. This doesn't make any sense," exclaimed Brett.

    Despite receiving the settlement from the truck company's insurance, the DeWeese family says it was never about that. It's about accountability.

    NBC 24 was unable to connect with Findlay's Law Director.

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