Findlay residents pick up after rare November storm

Fallen tree at Findlay High School. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Clean up is underway in Findlay after a rare November storm pounded much of the area on Sunday.

"What we're seeing is that we have quite a number of structures that are significantly damaged or have major damage and we got to make sure we have a good inventory of that," said Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik.

While the area did not officially see tornadoes, multiple buildings and homes suffered storm damage throughout downtown Findlay.

The mobile home neighborhood of Highland Estates suffered a gas leak from the storms and residents had to be evacuated for the night.

Findlay High School also suffered significant damage to their roof and windows, as well as stadium lights on their baseball fields.

"We actually had an administrator en route to the high school to have a banquet that night and he was out in it when it hit, it was quite terrifying for him to go through that and he called us right away and got in here to asses the damage and we got on it right away," said Findlay superintendent Ed Kurt.

Findlay resident Scott Freed says the worst of it only seemed to last just a short time.

"I heard this big roar and it got very very very loud. It lasted about 30 seconds to a minute, I mean it sounded like 10 trains," said Freed.

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