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“Fitness is not a destination”. The slogan is written above the doorway of the LiveFit studio in Perrysburg. The workout facility models the motto by encouraging their clients to take on a new lifestyle and not just find a quick means to an end.

The workout studio isn’t a big membership gym, but rather more of a private personal training facility. They have certified trainers that specialize in different areas in order to accommodate their clients specific needs. They offer a variety of training including; one-on-one, small group training, fitness classes and even training for youth.

Owner and trainer Jen Bruns says,” One of the reasons we started live fit was for youth, to give them a place. We have a lot of athletes that want to get better for their sport but we also have a lot of youth that just need to move. Not every child likes sports but every kid needs to move, so we wanted to have a place that you could come and learn that exercising is fun.”

All of LiveFit's programs are based on a point value, so a person’s enthusiasm for working out is the incentive for their “contract”, not a paper one. The points can be shared through an entire family and are flexible so people have the option to decide what they would like to do, and when they are able to do it based on their schedule.

To encourage others to take on a healthy lifestyle, LiveFit gives referral points to the member and the friend when bringing in someone new to the studio.

LiveFit is offering a FREE consultation and class with additional points when you bring in their coupon.
Check it out!

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