Five separate weekend shootings leave two dead in Toledo

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TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- Imagine, already having to cope with a death of a friend, then finding out the same tragedy happened in your own family.

"My sister came and called me and told me the guy who got shot the day before was my uncle Wally," said Samuel Wallace. He's now grieving the loss of two lives.

A friend and his Uncle Jeffery Wallace who he said was a community figure who loved to barbecue.

Those deaths occurred during five separate shootings this weekend across Toledo.

Police were called to the 3000 block of Marvin Avenue on Friday where they found Charles White suffering from a gunshot wound.

He died Saturday. Two more shootings happened in North Toledo between five and 6:30 am. Saturday.

Jeffery Wallace was pronounced dead at corner of Chestnut and Streicher.Shanice Hobson told police at the hospital she was shot at an after hours spot on Oakland and Stickney Avenue. Toledo Police is working on a possible connection between the incidents.

"There was a shooting at Parkland and Stickney and then the shooting at the after hours on Stickney. Those happened some hours apart but we're looking if those were possibly related," said Sargeant Kevan Toney, Public information Officer with TPD.

Police then responded to two more shooting incidents Saturday night and Sunday.

The added gunfire has police covering a much wider area.

"We were primarily concerned about people's safety"

Wallace says he's not only heartbroken for his family but he thinks the violence is setting a terrifying trend.

"It's where our generation is going now. It's kind of defeating. I don't see us winning, like as far as like fighting back to not have this stuff going on. "

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