Food Delivery businesses talk safety following Tuesday robbery of pizza driver

A Pizza Cat driver gets ready to make a deliver (

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- Safety on the minds of many businesses after the shooting death of a local pizza delivery woman.

The owner of the Happy's Pizza where she worked said employees had been robbed multiple times.

Local pizzeria Pizza cat says they do deliver in the day, but only for prepaid credit card catering orders. Owner Matt Wojtowicz says the company opts for credit card only deliveries to avoid becoming a target for thieves.

"Why would someone do this? We don't have answers for things like that so the best thing we can do is secure ourselves against all the whys out there."

Their employees don't make night deliveries, but instead they use food delivery service Deliver Toledo. The company launched December 2017, delivering across the city of Toledo but only taking purchases via credit card. They also have a dispatcher available for the 8 drivers to track suspicious locations.

"We can do a quick google search and make sure they're going to an actual house not a vacant lot and not being set up for a potential robbery," said the Food delivery service's Co-owner Jay Herbert.

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