Free Naloxone training offered to public on Tuesday night

Naloxone Training was open to the public on Tuesday night at the Wood County Public Library (WNWO).

Opiates have become a dramatic problem in this country, and one organization is looking to educate people on how to prevent it.

The Toledo Zepf Center provided free training that could save lives.

Through Project Dawn, or Deaths Avoided with Naloxone, the Zepf Center educated an audience on how to administer Naloxone and taught participants how to find the signs of an overdose.

"It was a very good presentation because I realized how little I knew about the situation and really tells me what I need to learn more in preparing myself and others that I work with, in case we encounter a situation of overdose or people who may be potentially in that situation," said WSOS Employment in Training's Joel Burg.

Burg was sitting in on the presentation to better himself in preparing himself and his co-workers. Others were there to just gain education in the ongoing epidemic of opiates.

The Zepf Center provided a free Naloxone training session to anyone who wanted to attend on Tuesday night. Naloxone is a drug that can counter opiate overdoses.

"They do a great job of describing some of the reasons why it's incredibly complex, but in short, we're mixing a lot of things with the drugs that people are getting on the street. We're seeing it on the streets, and that's what Project Dawn is all about," stated BGSU Graduate Student, Brent Lang.

Project Dawn helped provide the free training, and graduate students audience members witnessed how to administer the drug.

"It was short enough to keep our attention and I felt like I got the information I needed. I feel like I could go out now and use the Naloxone if I need to. Also, with the DVD, I can train myself if I forget in six months," exclaimed BGSU Graduate Student, Maren Froemming.

The overall presentation lasted for just over an hour and everyone left with a free Naloxone kit.

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