Frogtown Hobbies brings new way to make friends, compete in gaming tournaments

Frogtown Hobbies in Toledo hosts gaming tournaments nearly every day (WNWO).

If you're looking for a new way to meet people in a fun environment in 2018, Frogtown Hobbies may be a place to visit.

With games like Magic, Pokemon and YuGeOh!, Frogtown Hobbies hosts tournaments in the evenings nearly every night of the week, including Tuesday nights' Star Wars: Destiny challenge.

Co-founders Rob Coffman and James Fox began the business in 2014.

Since then, it's turned into a place for strangers to become competitors, and competitors to become friends.

"It's just really awesome. Sometimes I tell my employees, we're in the friendship business because this is where friendships are created. That's really special to be apart of that and to see that happen right in front of you," said Coffman.

For a full list of their upcoming tournaments and events, visit the Frogtown Hobbies Facebook page here.

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