Frogtown Regatta races on despite algae


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - Promedica’s annual Frogtown Regatta is scheduled for this Saturday morning. But the recent water advisory had some people concerned.

The Toledo Rowing club put out a press release this afternoon to address the issue. In it, they shared that ‘yes,’ the race is still good to go.

While the event is still on, it was not a decision the coordinators took lightly. In fact, they consulted the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department on the matter.

Amy Massamore, Executive Director of the Toledo Rowing Club, said, “we spoke to the health department a little while ago. We were advised that the levels below anything that we needed to worry about. We stayed in close contact with them over the course of the last 24 hours. They gave u the go-ahead. We’re going to go forward with the event. We’re excited.”

The athletes are excited as well. They worked hard through the evening to prepare for the big event tomorrow. And they add that they are not concerned.

Anika Singhania, 11th grade Notre Dame, said

“No, not at all," said Anika Singhania, an 11th grader at Notre Dame. "I know that our coach will keep us safe. And we’re not going to be swimming. We’re just going to be working in the water.”

And in the event that anyone does take an accidental tumble into the water:

“Uh, we’re definitely going to pull them out of the water right away," said Catherine Sprague-Manrow, Assistant Coach for Notre Dame. "If they start having issues or anything, obviously have a checkup. We’re going to have a lot of emergency staff here just in case anything does happen.”

The regatta will also have rinsing stations for those exposed to the water. But officials say all these precautions are “out of an abundance of safety.”

The health department issued the advisory against swimming or wading in the water on Thursday. They said they did so due to visible algae, and not as a result of any water tests. Possible symptoms of prolonged exposure to the algae are rashes, blisters, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

But the Toledo Rowing club is confident the all-day event will be competitive, fun, and (most importantly), safe.

“We will put over a thousand athletes in the water from 37 teams, and they’ll come from 5 or 6 different states. We’re very excited,” said Massamore.

Race officials added that if any club did not feel like participating in tomorrow’s regatta, they could feel free to drop out. They will be issued a refund.

The first boat will launch at 7:30 AM.

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