Arrests of bank robbery duo occurs after one allegedly tries another heist

46-year-old Anthony Rayford (left) and 47-year-old Oscar Banks (right)

Toledo Police have two men in custody, that they believe were behind an armed robbery at a Huntington Bank on Wednesday, after one of the suspect tried to rob a PNC bank on Thursday.

Investigators say around 10:00 a.m., on Thursday, they responded to a "hold-up alarm" at the PNC Bank at 405 Madison.

After the call, using information collected from Wednesday's bank robbery, a detective was able to broadcast the name of 47-year-old Oscar Banks as a possible suspect.

Shortly after, a law enforcement officer caught up with Banks at a Greyhound station and took him into custody.

During questioning, police say, Banks admitted to robbing the PNC Bank on Thursday.

They say Banks also admitted to robbing the Huntington Bank at 519 Madison on Wednesday and on December 4th.

A few hours after Banks' arrest, a second suspect in Wednesday's armed robbery was taken into custody.

Officials did not say if Banks implicated 46-year-old Anthony Rayford but said both were facing charges in Wednesday's bank robbery.

In all, Banks is charged with three counts of aggravated burglary.

Rayford is also charged with robbery for his alleged participation in the crime.

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