Gearing up for Mud Hens season

Hundreds of Mud Hens items line the walls of the Swamp Shop.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - We’re just one week away from Mud Hens opening day. If you haven’t gotten your tickets or new Mud Hens tee, you may want to act fast. The Swamp Shop said they are already seeing big crowds and have been receiving shipments for weeks.

“Packages rolling in day in and day out," said Adam Stone, store manager of the Swamp Shop. "I believe one day we had more than 50 boxes.”

It’s safe to say the Swamp Shop... is swamped!

“Phones ringing off the hook, people calling about tickets, new merchandise,” said Stone.

Before you break out the peanuts and Cracker Jack, you have to have the right gear.

“I am looking for something warm because our first game is on a chilly day," said Denise Samu, a Mud Hens fan. "It’s a cold season to start with."

Stone said the store has been unloading hundreds of fan favorites, “Official logo t-shirt, our shirts we re-stock five to six times throughout the season.”

Aside from the originals, the shop is always adding some new threads to the racks.

“We brought in some jackets this year, we have a big foam cowboy hat,” said Stone.

Denise Samu has been a season ticket holder for about eight years. She knows better than to wait to get her hands on the latest and greatest, “I think I found something I want, I just need the right size.”

Stone said they work hard to keep everything on the shelves throughout the season.

“When the season is over, my backstock is cleared out of shirts,” said Stone. “We’re double stocking on racks to make them look full.”

The Swamp Shop is open Monday through Saturday, and of course, when there are Sunday games.

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