Gibsonburg park shelter vandalized, students volunteer to re-paint

10 Gibsonburg High School students volunteered to re-paint the park shelter that was vandalized over the weekend (WNWO).

As Gibsonburg Mayor Steve Fought was playing football with his son on Sunday morning, he could've never guessed what somebody would tell him in passing.

A park shelter was vandalized with graffiti featuring swastikas, racial slurs, and even "Satan Loves You."

It upset him so much, that he pitched in his own money, $100, for a reward, and led to others contributing as well.

"People in the town are not happy about this and are pitching in because they want to see action taken."

A pleasant surprise that came of the situation, though, was 10 high school students showing up and volunteering to paint the shelter.

"While this is unfortunate that this happened to us what going on behind me with the kids coming out to paint the building is just a great display of what it is the Gibsonburg way," said Mayor Fought.

The students simply didn't want to see this become the image of Gibsonburg.

"It's pretty bad what people can do to a public park. It's a public building. People go over and anyone can see it. I think it's really bad what some people can do, and I don't know why somebody would do that," exclaimed Student Cole Younker.

By the time they were finished, all the graffiti was gone and the students took the time to re-paint the entire shelter.

Currently the reward for finding who vandalized the building is up to $550. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Gibsonburg Police Department, at (419) 637-2143.

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