Glass City film Festival wraps for third year

Glass city film festival read son the marquee outside of the Ohio Theater. (

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- "We wanted to highlight great film making as well as local artists and great local venues like the Ohio theater," said Lindsay Akins, Glass City film festival co-coordinator.

For three years the festival has brought a nationwide love for cinema to Toledo. It highlights both local and international artists and it's only getting bigger. This year organizer's estimate more than 400 people attended. Out of the more than 100 submissions, the festival chose a variety of artists, including students from Toledo School for the Arts and other youth from the area.

"We tried to bring in people who don't know they're filmmakers yet," said Akins.

Along with new filmmakers, there's also those more experienced. Jim Aponte , University of Toledo graduate premiered his film Dream Runner at this year's festival. He wants to let others know about the talent right at home.

"They're not just hiding in the shadows and they're not in Holly wood or New York city either they're right here in our own backyard," said Aponte of filmmakers and local talent.

"If we can call attention to the great things that are going on in Toledo we hope that people would want to come and visit and see all that Toledo has to offer," said Akins.

Wan to volunteer or get involved with next year's Festival? You can visit their website.

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