Good Samaritan chases off three men who mugged a woman in downtown Toledo

A Toledo Police Officer patrolling in the area was stopped by a Good Samaritan about a woman who was just mugged. TPD would arrest two of the three believed suspects shortly after. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Two men are now in jail accused of mugging a woman Tuesday afternoon outside of ProMedica at the Summit Street parking garage.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. in downtown Toledo, when many people are getting off of work ready to head home for the day.

For one woman, it would prove to be a terrifying moment in her life.

"I thought the worst right off the bat, they were scared off actually by a Good Samaritan," said Andrea.

It's then when that Good Samaritan, according to police, chased after the three men when he noticed a TPD cruiser and flagged the officer down.

Sgt. Mitch Mielcarek was behind the wheel.

"He had ran up to my car and told me that a woman was robbed by three black males and that the suspects had ran from the parking garage where the robbery occurred and into the parking garage adjacent," said Sgt. Mielcarek.

Sgt. Mielcarek immediately sent out a call and started patrolling the parking garage.

He says the information from the Good Samaritan proved invaluable in catching the suspects.

"Huge, absolutely. His description gave the officers proper description and allowed us to stop the right people," said Sgt. Mielcarek.

Another police crew found two men matching the description given and arrested them.

The timing of the Good Samaritan and officer driving by may have prevented a deadly outcome.

"Just our presence alone can deter crime happening but being at the right place at the right time when something like that actually does happen, it made the world of difference," said Sgt. Mielcarek.

Andrea wanted to speak out in the hopes at least one person will hear her story and take steps to defend themselves.

"Be more aware of situations, put their phone away and always look around and be mindful of what's going on around them," said Andrea.

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