Grand Rapids couple preparing for "justice" after emotional support goats taken away

Amanda and Justin Held were forced to move their three goats to a barn outside of Grand Rapids (WNWO).

It's Maisy, Fiona and Loomis versus the city of Grand Rapids.

"We just want to plead our case. We weren't allowed to plead our case. We had all of the legitimate paperwork and were just stomped on, so when we got in front of the judge, we weren't allowed to talk about it."

Justin and Amanda Held were forced to move their three goats out of their home on Friday, following a court hearing.

"Justin woke up and was like, 'man they normally give a little bah or two in the morning when they know they're going to get fed. He woke up and he said, 'I thought the goats slept in, but then I realized that they're not there.' We just had this sad moment."

The couple moved into their Grand Rapids home in June of last year.

They were force to move their goats for the first time last September, after officials said the animals were breaking a city ordinance.

Then in April, Justin, who battles depression, received word from a doctor that they're considered "emotional support goats." Justin no longer took anti-depressants.

Amanda says that protects them from being removed from their home.

"So I typed up a nice letter. I quoted all of the regulations. I attached a copy of the prescriptions. We were trying to cooperate.""

After the goats were brought back to their house, the couple was subpoenaed.

The Helds believe they were bullied into removing them by the prosecuting attorney, Skip Potter.

"The Ohio Goat Couple" says they'll learn more in the coming days about what actions to take next. They simply want justice for their three goats.

"The whole community loves these goats. People walk down the back alley just to see them. The neighbors love them, all the kids come over."

Prosecuting attorney Skip Potter could not be reached for comment.

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