Harmful or Hurtful? Parents weigh in on Kids Facebook Messengr App

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Toledo, OH (WNWO)-- "if you go out to eat and look at a table 8 people will be on their phones or social media," said Daniel Pulp.

In a world where most teens and adults are controlled by social media some parents are concerned kids will be next.

"To start off at ths early young age at this, they're going to lose social skills," said Pulp.

Two months ago Facebook launched their Kids Messenger App for those under the age of 13.

Kids can send messages and video chat with fun filters, all with parents having total control. The app has drawn a lot of backlash.

"I think that's a little too young for kids to be using," said Damien Brown. "Kids are definitely trying to do something more constructive than just be on cell phones technology all day."

On Tuesday The campaign for a Commerical Free childhood sent this letter, sayng the app is normalizing social media use among young children and creating peer pressure for kids to sign up for their first account.

Behavioral analyst Danielle DeLong says while there's no set age for kids to get on social media., parents do need to monitor how it's affecting their kids behavior.

"We often hear from parents that children seem less motivated to do things, " said De Long.

Parent's set up the account and approve all friend requests within the app, but some are worried that control will fall into the wrong hands.

"Parents can give a lot of lip service saying their going to monitor it but then that never happens," said Julie Hollingsworth.

While the positives of social media are often disputed, there's a consensus that any time with technology, especially for young kids, is better in moderation.

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