Heidelberg Student Prince Softball signs 8-year-old as newest member

    Majoli Henkel is now officially a member of Heidelberg's Softball team, thanks to Team IMPACT (WNWO).

    The Heidelberg University Student Prince Softball team has already played 8 games during the 2019 season, but it certainly wasn't too late to add one more player to its roster.

    "This is a two year commitment and we hope after two years, she wants to still be a part of our family. She's been a part of practices. She'll come to games and things like that, so we hope to get her involved and keep her involved as we go on," said Head Coach Kelli Williams.

    8-year-old Majoli Henkel had her very own Draft Day to join the team.

    She has been suffering from Type I Diabetes since November of 2017.

    "It still is hard, but she's a strong little girl, stronger than I ever was," said Majoli's mother, Mindy.

    Her mother, Mindy, joined Majoli as she signed her letter of intent and got her own locker space.

    The day was thanks to a partnership between the softball team and Team IMPACT, which is a non-profit that brings children facing serious illnesses and local college athletics together.

    "It's amazing. She gets to have all kinds of little mentors and they're really good to her. It's really nice," explained Mindy Henkel.

    Junior Catcher Bailee Faulkner is a new addition to the Student Princes, as she transferred in this season.

    Faulkner helped bring on the partnership with Team IMPACT, and is looking forward to a relationship with Majoli on the field, and off of it.

    "Inviting her to team Christmas or team dinner, maybe going to get ice cream once in awhile, just generally hanging out with her and getting new know her as a person. Despite athletics, she's still a person, a person that we have to give back to, as well."

    Both families and schools can apply to Team IMPACT and begin a relationship. To learn more, click here.

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