Hemp conference promotes benefits of hemp plant

Hemp & Honey products sold by Scott Sondles

The Toledo Hemp Center held their second-annual festival celebrating the medicinal value of one of natureâ??s superfoods â?? the hemp plant.

Scott Sondles, co-founder of HempStrong, was there to network and bond with people in the industry. Sondles said, â??All industrial hemp products have .03% or less THC level, so you can smoke it, but you are not going to get that high that you do from marijuana.â??

A news conference was held regarding the progress of a state wide petition drive to give voters the option to make Ohio enact marijuana laws. Activists in Toledo have been collecting signatures to place a proposal before the cityâ??s voters in November. The publicâ??s acceptance of marijuana and hemp grows daily across Ohio and the nation.

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â??You hear from the DEA and a lot of the law enforcement agencies that they cannot tell the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. That simply is not true,â?? Sondles said. â??They have known the difference since the 1930â??s, it has been in text books since the 1930â??s. People need to realize that (hemp) is not a drug. It is a farmed commodity that can make a lot of people good money.â??

Officials with the Toledo Hemp Center say while hemp is different than marijuana, it shares some of the same benefits such as food, fiber and medicine without any levels of the chemical THC.

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