Henry Co. Senior Center regroups after failed levy

Henry County Senior Center. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

More than a 100 seniors pack the Henry County Senior Center, a former Kroger store, each weekday in Napoleon.

A mill levy currently brings in $400,000 a year but expires in 2019.

The center was hoping voters would renew that and also approve a $400,000 increase.

But last week the issue failed by nearly 200 votes.

"Our operating levy pays for about 60,000 senior meals a year. It also pays for about 900 rides per month for seniors in Henry County," said Sandy Blackwood, Executive Director at the Henry Co. Senior Center.

The center says it asked for the extra money on top of the current levy because of transportation costs.

Saying they're critical to fund in the county because of limited options.

"We don't have a Tarta, we don't have other options for seniors," said Blackwood.

David Hockman has been visiting the center for about three years and is disappointed the levy didn't pass.

"I was sad because it showed there's some people in Henry Co. that don't favor it," said Hockman.

The center also provides services now that did not exist when the previous levy was passed in 2009.

"We did not even deliver meals on wheels to all of the county, we didn't offer it, we didn't have the capability," said Blackwood.

The number of meals on wheels has jumped from 70 per day to 230 meals a day.

An increase of more than 200-percent.

Hockman is confident voters will approve the levy when it's on the ballot again.

"I think we just need to publicize it more and the things that it can do,"

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