Hidden room, blood stains found on property belonging to Sierah Joughin's accused killer

Investigators searched this barn on the property of James Worley. (WNWO)

WAUSEON, Oh. (WNWO) -- Investigators are learning more about what may have happened to Sierah Joughin in the moments before her death.

More than 150 pages of documents were unsealed on Thursday, detailing what was found on the property on James Worley, the man now being held for Joughin's abduction and murder. She went missing on July 19 while riding her bicycle.

According to the documents, Worley told investigators that on the day Joughin went missing, he was riding his motorcycle and it broke down in a cornfield, near County Road 6, where he saw two bicycles. At the scene, Worley says he left a helmet (covered in blood), screwdriver, sunglasses, and fuses. All of those items were found at the scene, but that information had not previously been disclosed to the public.

Worley told investigators that "he didn't steal anything or kill anyone."

In a search of his CR 6 property, investigators found a hidden room in a barn. Inside that room was a carpet-lined freezer, with restraints found close by, and evidence of blood on the walls. Several pairs of women's undergarments, one of which had blood on it, were also found.

Also seized during the search of Worley's property were handguns, handcuffs, a shock collar, rope, and several other items.

Worley is being held without bond until a grand jury meets. He is expected back in court on Aug. 18.

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