Holiday fitness is the focus for local gyms

Trainers collaborate for 4th of July workout (

Toledo, Oh (WNWO)-- Before the barbecue, ice cream, and other holiday foods, for a group of local gyms, the focus was fitness.

Starting Wednesday morning at 10:00a.m., Trainers hosted a fourth of July workout open to the community.

Family fitness off of Dorr Street and Total Circuit Fitness off of Tractor road says they want people to enjoy the holiday but also incorporate health.

"Get out on a hot day like today and challenge yourself to a workout," said Gaylon Hughes, owner of total Circuit Fitness.

Fitness is fun and if you put it in your life you can get a lot of good results from it, from self love, self motivation, and just a good feeling" said Mike Riley, owner at Family Fitness.

Researchers have also found a post-meal walk, right after that barbecue, can help with digestion and improve blood sugar levels.

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