Holiday giving turns into a special surprise for one Bowling Green toddler

2-year-old Tucker Hetterick during his special visit to the ODOT garage in Bowling Green (WNWO).

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WNWO) -- They prep and clear the roads all winter long.

But for one two-year-old in Bowling Green, ODOT's plow trucks are some of the coolest things around.

Tucker Hetterick loves snow, so much so that his parents bought him some of the fake stuff to play with all year round.

But what he loves even more, is moving that snow with his pint-sized equipment and seeing the real-life ones out and about on the roads.

"Every time we passed a snow plow truck, he pointed to it, whether it was on the road or we saw it parked somewhere he just thought that they had the coolest job ever," said Tucker's mom Heather Hetterick.

So the Hettericks decided to drop off some Christmas cookies and a card to the workers at the Bowling Green ODOT garage near their house.

But after they did, one of the highway technicians decided he would return the kind gesture.

"So I read the card and saw the last name, being that its Bowling Green, Ohio, everybody knows somebody so I made a few phone calls and got a phone number," said Michael Kruse, ODOT District 2 highway technician.

A number, that got him in touch with the family responsible for the sweet delivery.

"And the next morning my husband texted me early and said ODOT is looking for you, they're trying to track you down, and I laughed and about a couple hours later I got a call from Dave the manager there inviting us down so Tucker could see the snow plow truck and the loader," said Hetterick.

Michael Kruse was given the OK to invite Tucker and his family to visit the facility and let him get an up close look at that front end loader in particular, his favorite machine that's actually on his Christmas list.

"He says he needs a front end loader to move more snow," said Kruse. "I mean when I was his age I always looked up to the snow plows and road workers and everything, because they are what makes the people get to and from work and you know its not an easy job."

Tucker's mom says it was all a way to teach their young son about the importance of giving during the holiday season.

They have the Giving Manger book, that encourages children to do kind deeds or acts of service leading up to Christmas Day.

"You know we were trying to thank them and show kindness but how cool that they showed the kindness back and they had no idea that that loader was on his Christmas list and how much he loved that," said Hetterick.

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