Homeless in the heat

The extreme heat creates difficulties for Toledo's homeless community (WNWO)

TOLEDO, Ohio-- The extreme heat is moving across the Toledo area and making sure you stay safe is key.

But for the homeless, it's a bit more challenging.

"It's been pretty rough," said Kerry Blair. "Especially on really hot days when the sun is really beating down."

Blair is currently a part of the homeless community, and visits Mac Street Cafe daily, a part of the Cherry Street Mission Minisitries.

During the extreme heat the shelter experiences an influx in traffic, but still open their doors to all.

"Come inside, there isn’t any reason to be outside come inside for respite of the heat by coming and enjoying the air conditioning or come inside and get yourself hydrated, and then if you need to go back outside you’re at least prepared in that matter," said Nikki Morey, communications manager for Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

For those that do need to venture back outside, there are some key tips to keep in mind.

"The main thing is to stay away from the heat, put minimal clothing on, as much as possible, and drink plenty of fluids," said Muhammed Ali, an emergency physician and ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Health officials said symptoms of heat exhaustion are nausea, vomitting or dizziness, so anyone experiencing any of those should seek medical attention, homeless or not.

Ali said the best thing anyone can do to avoid heat exhaustion, is to stay hydrated at all times.

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