Host sister turned fellow competitor

Lizzie Win (left) and her family have hosted Brittany Lincicome at the Marathon Classic for 13 years. (WNWO)

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WNWO) - Professional golfer, Brittany Lincicome, always looks forward to the Marathon Classic. However, it’s not because of the competition or the course. It’s because of her host family. This year, she won’t just be seeing her host sister at home, but on the green.

“It’s so cool to come back, I’ve seen their kids grow up, they came to our wedding,” said Brittany Lincicome.

It all started more than a decade ago.

“We were very nervous because we had three kids, all very small, thought it could be a distraction,” said Tom Win, Lincicome’s host.

Lincicome attended her first Marathon Classic at just 19-years-old when she opted for a host house, not a hotel.

“The second I came in, with their kids and the dogs, I felt at home and it was so wonderful,” said Lincicome.

The rest is history.

“There was an opportunity, we had the room in the house, so we invited Brittany in the house, and she’s never left,” said Pam Win, Lincicome’s host.

Now, 13 years later, it’s a bit different for the bunch.

“People would ask who my favorite player on tour was. I would say, Brittany,” said Lizzie Win, fellow-competitor and long-time host sister of Lincicome.

Sylvania native, Lizzie Win, is a first timer on the course as a player.

“She called me the second she got the phone call about playing in this event,” said Lincicome. “That’s super special.”

But, that’s not even the most exciting part for Lizzie.

“This was the first time I ever got to play with her on an actual golf course,” said Lizzie.

It’s playing alongside Lincicome.

“I always looked up to her as a role model,” said Lizzie. ‘Now, I’m at that stage, we’re competitors, we’re playing against each other.”

Both can agree, it’s not about competition.

“Somebody asked me earlier, ‘Are you giving Lizzie advice’ I said, ‘No, she needs to give me advice.’ She’s played this golf course probably more than I have,” said Lincicome.

It’s about playing together.

“For us to tee it up together…it’s pretty cool,” said Lincicome.

This is Lizzie’s first professional tournament. So, playing on her home course with her role model makes it even more exciting.

“It’s really cool to spend this time with her and then realize this is who I grew up watching,” said Lizzie.

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