Hundreds gather for Marathon Classic Women's Summit

ESPN's Hannah Storm was the keynote speaker (WNWO).

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WNWO) -- It's not just about golf at the Marathon Classic.

Tuesday, hundreds of women had the opportunity to hear from two influential women, blazing their way through male-dominated fields.

It was a day of women’s empowerment.

"To have so many beautiful strong women in one place is great," said Alisha Gant with the Danberry Company Realtors.

A sold out crowd of over 400 women from Northwest Ohio, heard advice from women who rose to the top in male-dominated fields.

"I think just being open minded, being flexible, taking risks, things that you know you may not have thought about, you know really carefully considering, I think that that’s going to continue to be really important," said Hannah Storm, ESPN broadcaster and keynote speaker.

Advice that inspired others to think the same.

"It’s more of a challenge to fit in or make headway or bust through if you will," said Esther Johnson with Louisville Title. "Don’t give up and just keep pushing forward and meet your dreams."

"The idea is to keep moving forward and keep trying and being flexible and moving in different directions if you need to, and Hannah Storm, her stories really show that," said Jennie Gallimore who works in the engineering field.

The summit also included insight from the defending Marathon Classic champion I.K. Kim, with a focus on being mindful.

"Meditation just kind of keeps me calm, and reminds me to just be myself and not worry about something that I can’t control," said Kim.

And the ladies also got a chance to have a little bit of Q&A with the female sports broadcast icon.

"I always love the Q&A, because then you get an idea of what people are really interested in," said Storm.

After the luncheon the ladies participated in a group meditation led by Mallika Chopra, the daughter of well-known author Deepak Chopra.

Some attendees said learning more about being mindful and meditation was another great tool to add to the toolbox.

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