"I'm going to keep doing it." Findlay pilot not letting crash keep him grounded

Jacob Havens crashed his one-seater, experimental plane on Thursday, near Zanesville (Photo Courtesy of Jacob Havens).

A Findlay native walked away from a plane crash this week with virtually no injuries near Zanesville.

Jacob Havens was flying a one-seater, experimental plane on Thursday, and was taking pictures when he realized the aircraft began to lose power.

The 24-year-old part-time, professional pilot was flying from Cincinnati to Zanesville when he noticed he was losing power in the plane.

"Initially, what was going through my mind is just, you know, I can't really believe it's happening to me. You train for it, and you spend all this time thinking about it. When I fly, I always have a spot picked out in my mind. It's always running through the back of my mind on every normal flight that I do."

Havens was unable to get to the airport, so he landed on a nearby road, ending up in a corn field.

He was stuck in the aircraft until first responders came and got him out.

The crash tested his knowledge and instincts in the situation, but don't expect Havens to be scared to go back up in the sky.

"I love flying. I'm going to keep doing it, and nothing is going to slow me down."

If you're wondering how quickly he was back in the air, Havens flew to Cincinnati just four hours after the accident.

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