Local options on Lucas County ballot will determine Sunday alcohol sales

Issue 23 will determine if Inside the Five brewpub can continue to serve alcohol on Sundays (WNWO).

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WNWO) -- One Sylvania restaurant and brewery could lose its ability to sell booze on Sundays.

Issue 23 is a local option on the Lucas County ballot, that allows voters in Sylvania's precinct four to decide if they want Inside the Five, a new brewpub in downtown Sylvania, to sell alcohol on Sundays.

"When prohibition was repealed federally, the state of Ohio on some level decided that each precinct would address the issue of alcohol separately, so precinct four was set up so that there would be no alcohol sold on Sundays," said Katie Cappellini, Sylvania City Council member.

The brewpub joined downtown Sylvania on Memorial Day weekend. Now that community has to decide if they want their newest corner bar to continue with Sunday sales.

"It's actually an old ordinance back from the 1930's post-prohibition era where all new businesses who own a liquor license need the public to vote on it for Sunday sales," said Chris Morris, Inside the Five Brewing Company co-owner.

The state gave the company a liquor license without realizing the outstanding law for that precinct.

"They had the permit to sell liquor on Sunday realized they made a mistake and then said hey because of the state law you're going to have to get 150 signatures in precinct 4 to go on the ballot and have it voted on," said Cappellini.

The bar had to collect 150 signatures from the roughly 1,000 voters in precinct four to petition for the issue to go on the ballot, so the company can keep the Sunday sales permit.

Owners say the community has shown their support.

"Everyone seems to be in favor of it, the public seems to be in favor of it. We had to go door to door to get signatures to get it on the ballot and we had a very positive response with that," said Morris.

Sylvania City Council is looking to put an end to the confusion of what many call an outdated law.

"I feel like it would take place when another restaurant that wants to serve alcohol opens, [that] would be the perfect time to do it," said Cappellini.

There are three other local options on the Lucas County ballot that are similar to this one, for beer, wine, liquor and spirit sales on Sundays: Issue 21, for the Aldi in Sylvania's precinct seven, Issue 22 for LaBanda Restaurant in Waterville's precinct four, and Issue 24 for Barr's Public House in Monclova's precinct six.

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