James Worley murder trial concludes week 1 with DNA evidence, cell phone records

James Worley listens to testimonies in the Fulton County Courthouse (courtesy:NBC24.com).

WAUSEON, OHIO (WNWO)- Week one of the James Worley murder trial has concluded.He’s the alleged killer of Sierah Joughin, the 20-year-old University of Toledo Student who was kidnapped and murdered in July 2016.

According to Prosecutors, there are several pieces of evidence which put Joughin and Worley in the same three locations.

First, the suspected abduction site-- a cornfield off of County road 6 in Fulton County. Cell phone data shows the two were in the same area around 7:45 pm on July 19th-- the day Joughin was abducted.

Multiple items at the scene also tested positive for their individual DNA, including Worley's sunglasses and Joughin's bike.

Second are the barns on Worley’s property. An air mattress and underwear found in the barns tested positive for Sierah's DNA.

Among other things, a blanket tested positive for Worley’s semen. Third, a mixture of both of their DNA profiles was found on the glove along with duct tape from the cornfield on County road 7 where Sierah’s body was recovered. There were however some DNA results which came back either with no profile or inconclusive. BCI Forensic Scientist Devonie Herdeman explained contributing factors including a decomposing body and soil impact DNA collection.

This Trial is moving quicker than anticipated. There will be no court Monday or Thursday.

Sierah’s boyfriend Josh Kolasinski, the last person know to have seen her alive has been in in court since his emotional Monday testimony.

Her mother,aunt and multiple other family members have been there as well.

Presiding Judge Jeffery Robinson says the state will likely finish it’s arguments by next week and jury deliberation could start as early as next Monday.

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