Jon Heavey hosts pre-debate barbeque for first responders

Jon Heavey hosted a BBQ for first responders outside of Bowsher High School Wednesday (WNWO).

The men debating at Bowsher High School weren't the only ones hoping to be Ohio's next Governor.

Jon Heavey hosted a free barbecue outside of the school before Wednesday's debate.

He filed a lawsuit against the state, hoping to get on the primary ballot.

He submitted the paperwork before the February deadline, but the secretary of state said he didn't get enough signatures.

Heavey says he did this meal for first responders.

"So Adam is a firefighter paramedic, I'm an ER doctor and army veteran. We're accustomed to being outsiders to the process and we figure 'heck why not be outside with some nice, warm barbecue."

Heavey's team served food up to and even thirty minutes into the debate.

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