Jude vs. Jean: The real NCAA Final Four matchup comes from Monroe

Jude and the Wolverines face Sister Jean and Loyola-Chicago on Saturday (Photo courtesy of Courtney Stamper).

From his special signing day on November 6th, all the way to the Final Four.

Monroe's Jude Stamper has had quite the last few months.

"I think in the beginning, Jude said 'when you guys played that game or when you guys this,' right away they said 'no Jude, it's us.' You're a part of the team, so it's us. It's not you guys, it's us," said Jude's Mother, Courtney Stamper.

12-year-old Jude, suffers from Arthrogryposis Multi-Congentical disorder, a disease that causes him to have a lack of mobility in his joints.

But thanks to Team IMPACT, an organization that pairs kids with chronic illnesses to local teams, Jude has simply been just one of the guys all season long.

"They are my friends. We text. We play video games."

Jude has attended every home game this season, and even gets to be a part of a special Wolverine squad that plays for a National Championship berth on Saturday.

It's a trip he knew the Wolverines would make all along.

"I was making a prediction and I thought, 'why not go that far in the tournament?' Because I knew we would be a good team."

While Jude may not be sinking baskets on the floor, you wouldn't know it. His mother Courtney and Jude both say Head Coach John Beilein won't ever let him feel any less than the rest of the players.

"He's a great man. He's everything you would ever expect in a coach," said Jude.

In Michigan's path, the Cinderella Loyolla-Chicago and 98-year-old Sister Jean, the talk of the NCAA Tournament.

So on Saturday, it may be the Wolverines vs. the Ramblers on the floor, but on the sidelines, it's going to be Jude vs. Jean.

"Sister Jean is the cutest lady, and you just love her. However, hopefully our team beats her. That's where we're at. You love her, but you want to beat her," said Courtney.

Jude and the rest of the Wolverines play Saturday night at 6:09 p.m.

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