Jurors shown graphic evidence including: bloodied helmet, adult diaper in murder trial

James worley appears in court.PNG

WAUSEON, OHIO (WNWO)-- Graphic descriptions and evidence shown in the courtroom Tuesday during day two of the James Worley murder trial. Worley is the man accused of killing 20-year-old University of Toledo student back in July 2016.

The state called special Agent Megan Roberts from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to the witness stand. She spoke the better half of the morning, describing to jurors the bike, male sunglasses, screw driver, and fuse box all discovered at the crime scene near county road 6 where Investigators believe Joughin was kidnapped.

All those items were shown to jurors including Worley's bloody motorcycle helmet, which was returned to the scene by a Michigan farmer who had picked it up on his way home. Prosecutors stating later the blood on the helmet tested positive for both Joughin and Worley's DNA.

Joughin was found buried in the shallow cornfield on County Road 7 in Fulton county. What led investigators there? A search party who noticed broken corn stalks. Investigators began digging after they smelled decomposing human remains.

It took volunteers more than 6 hours to hand-dig Joughin’s body from the grave in a corn field on County road 7.

Roberts described the grave as one of the deepest she’d ever seen. "[It was] 4 and a half feet in length and approximately 30 feet in width."

Jurors were also shown the rope, duct tape, and handcuffs found by analysts during Joughin's autopsy. In addition- a plastic dog toy was found in her mouth and she was wearing an adult diaper.

Investigators say when Worley's property was searched they also found adult diapers. In a conversation captured while inside his house, Worley said the diapers belonged to his elderly mother whom he was taking care of at the time.

Investigators also found hay in Joughin's hair at the time of her death and stuck to the duct tape that bound her ankles. Hay was also found in Worley's ban and on clothes investigators believe he was wearing July 19th.

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