Jury selection continues in murder trial of Sierah Joughin


For the second day James Worley appeared in Court .

The 58 year old is accused of Killing 20 year old Sierah Joughin back in 2016 after she parted ways with her boyfriend .

For the past two days Worley has set in court relatively calm as two sets of potential jurors were asked a round of questions to determine their bias including: their thoughts on the death penalty.

At least half of the people were excused many because they'd come to a decision on the verdict on the case.

Among several other Charges Worley is facing aggravated murder. If convicted he could face the death penalty.

During the questioning Defense co-counsel Merle Dech, reminded jurors Worley is "cloaked with innocence" until proven guilty.

"Proof beyond a reasonable doubt--only then, if we can do that, can that cloak be lifted. Will everyone promise us that? " said the attorney in court.

There were at least 200 potential jurors picked between Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday they'll come for individual questioning and will be slimmed down to 50 people

Friday a jury of 18 should be seated.

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