Kapszukiewicz reacts to mayoral victory, sets agenda

City of Toledo. (WNWO)

With 55 percent of the vote, Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz will be Toledo's next mayor, beating incumbent Paula Hicks-Hudson by more than 5,500 votes on Tuesday.

"It was a very difficult thing for me to do personally because I hold the mayor in high personal regard," said mayor-elect of Toledo Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Despite an $8.2 million budgeting error from a previous administration, Hicks-Hudson claims Toledo's finances are more transparent to the public than ever before.

"I think I'm leaving a city that's more fiscally transparent and that we have some ideas for being more efficient, making it a 21st century, using data that was just beginning," said Hicks-Hudson.

Kapszukiewicz tells NBC 24 that city government needs to step up to the plate the way the private sector has.

That's something he plans to address immediately when he takes office on January 1st.

"Resurfacing our roads is a big part of what needs to happen. Making sure our potholes can be filled making sure our water is affordable and drinkable making sure our neighborhoods are safe," said Kapszukiewicz.

When asked why she thinks she lost, Mayor Hicks-Hudson said it was a reflection of the city's readiness for a new voice.

"One voter said something about she saw progress but that she wanted more improvement or change and I think that's what voters wanted so that's what they're going to get," said Hicks-Hudson.

The mayor-elect believes the next few weeks will mark a critical time as he puts together a transition team.

He also said he wants voters to know he's going to follow through with one of his primary campaign promises.

"We have a plan to grow our force by 15 officers per year every year so that by the end of my term as mayor there'll be 60 additional police officers on the streets that aren't there now," said Kapszukiewicz.

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