Ken "Sap" Miller continues to draw Toledoans to the ice at this year's Sappy Strong event

Ken "Sap" Miller passed away in February 2015, but the Team Toledo Ice House continues to honor him with an annual Sappy Strong event (WNWO).

The name Ken "Sap" Miller is one that will forever be known in the Toledo hockey community.

"He was like a father figure to all of us. He treated us all like his kids. We absolutely loved him and he loved us," said Toledo Police Department Goal Keeper, Glen Bates.

The Toledo Police Department and Toledo Cherokee Junior A hockey teams came together for a great cause.

Since Sap's death in February 2015, the Team Toledo Ice House has put on a fundraiser in his name, each year. Last year, they raised enough money to purchase a new Zamboni that he had always wanted.

This year's Sappy Strong event raised money for the American Heart Association.

"We decided that a charity game betweeen the Toledo Police, who volunteered to be here with us, would be a nice way to memorialize Sap, and donate the money to the American Heart Association in his name," declared Team Toledo Ice House's Carey Manders.

Sap had an affect on both sides of the Toledo Cherokee and the Toledo Police Department. His son still coaches the Cherokee.

"He was a guy who let kids, if they couldn't afford to play hockey, he found a way for them to be able to play here. He was the man when it came to hockey in Toledo," exclaimed Head Coach Kenny Miller.

In the end, the Cherokee would top the TPD, 10-3, but the match was more than just what was on the scoreboard.

"My dad had a heart attack, two years now, so it's definitely a great cause going toward the American Heart Association, and I'm happy that it's going to that," said Cherokee Forward, Darryl Kuchinski.

Evan Rankin, former member of the Toledo Walleye, took the time to suit up for the TPD during the event.

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