Lenawee Community Ambulance hosts pet CPR class

Lenawee Community Ambulance hosted the 90 minute pet CPR class (WNWO).

You may never know when you'll have to save a pet's life.

That's why Lenawee Community Ambulance hosted a pet CPR and first aid class in Adrian Monday night.

The 90 minute course taught people how to properly save a dog or a cat's life when they have cardiac arrest or a medical emergency.

The teachers gave demonstrations and participants were able to practice.

"So basically, we get them really good at doing chest compressions, and that's actually the most important thing. When somebody like a person or an animal has these cardiac events, we want to make sure they're getting down on the chest and pushing right away. Then, we go into rescue breathing and we talk about how to check them out and find out if they actually need to do in," said Lenawee Community Ambulance's Jason Trojan.

The event was free, and participants also got a certificate once they finished.

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