LGBTQ community concerned with new owner of former Bretz location

The former Bretz Nightclub is located at 2012 Adams Street (WNWO).

An LGBTQ staple for three decades is now closed, and the community is wondering what's next.

After 30 years in Toledo, Bretz Nightclub, a popular gay bar, closed its doors on December 21st.

Nick Komives, at large city council member in Toledo, says he learned of the transaction to the Greater Toledo House of Prayer on Tuesday.

"A number of people reached out to me because they felt insulted or upset that the church would choose that location to make their purchase and move into on Adams Street. There are a number of other options that they feel were available and they didn't pursue. I think everybody is more curious about what their intent is with the space, and I think that is a reasonable question to ask."

The Greater Toledo House of Prayer states its beliefs on its website. According to the sexuality beliefs, they oppose and prohibit homosexuality, bi-sexuality and gender identification outside of your birth chromosome level.

The page also states that a marriage can only mean between a man and a woman.

Komives wants to give the church an opportunity to move in and see what their intentions are.

"You know, this is perhaps an opportunity to have a conversation with the church that is moving into a former LGBT bar, about their views, their standpoint, and kind of have that conversation. It's an interesting opportunity to have that conversation."

With the closing of Bretz, some members of the LGBTQ community are without a frequented spot to spend their time. For the LGBTQ youth in the community, there's Harvey House in Toledo.

"Our focus group is ages 12-19, and we offer a safe space. Right now, the kids are playing board games, but we have video games. We do support groups. We have a writing workshop. Next Saturday, we have an Anti-Valentine's Day party. We just kind of do a lot of activities to keep the kids in a safe environment and around kids that are like them," said Co-Founder of Harvey House, Kristen Angelo.

NBC 24 spoke with one bar owner from Adams Street, and he claims there will be a meeting with the new ownership group and stakeholders in the area next week, where they will discuss what is next for the former Bretz building.

The Greater Toledo House of Prayer could not be reached for comment.

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