Lifelong Metamora resident celebrates library levy passing

Harriet Loar has been going to the Evergreen Community Library for more than 90 years.

METAMORA, Ohio (WNWO) - Thanks to voters, The Evergreen Community Library will be getting some much-needed financial support from taxpayers in Fulton and Lucas Counties.

57% of voters were in favor of the $90,000 levy that will last for five years. The money will go towards sustaining library hours and programs, and adding on new technology within the library.

In a village with about 700 people, it’s hard to miss a friendly face around town.

“I’ve been living here since I was born in 1926,” said Harriet Loar, a lifelong Metamora resident.

After more than nine decades, Harriet Loar has a pretty good idea of the village history.

“The library was on Main Street, it was in a store front,” said Harriet.

The Evergreen Community Library is near and dear to Harriet and her family.

“I remember days of being able to go to grandma’s house, seeing stuff that was going to enter into circulation,” said Shannon Loar, Harriet’s granddaughter.

When word first got out of the library needing a tax levy, for the first time in its history, Harriet was a bit nervous for what would happen. Harriet’s history with the library dates back to the very beginning.

“I got a job as the clerk first,” said Harriet. “Then, I started doing the children’s program.”

The library played an important role in Harriet’s life. Now, she has played just as important of a role in the continued success of the library. The library has even created, 'The Harriet Loar Early Literacy Center.'

"Just seeing those children loving it… I’m just so overwhelmed,” said Harriet.

So as the levy passed, this victory meant a bit more to people like Harriet.

“I’m really proud, proud of our community,” said Harriet.

Homeowners will pay about $14 dollars a year for every $100,000 their home is valued at.

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