Lindsay Webb to maintain position as Lucas County treasurer

Lindsay Webb will now remain as Lucas County acting treasurer until November's election (

Toledo,OHIO (WNWO)--

"It is absolutely exhausting, what I went through over the last several days," said Lindsay Webb.

Last Wednesday Webb was sworn in as Lucas County Treasurer. A day later, she almost had to give up her seat because of a poor credit score.

"It was a private student loan from law school, I made my last payment in August."

According to Webb the loan was paid in full but the company made an error, reporting her payment as outstanding for 120 days, which Webb says dropped her score.

In order to be treasurer, the county pulls a one million dollar bond to protect itself in case of problems. Because her credit was low, County commissioners could not secure a bond—making her not qualified for the job.

Webb, having already stepped down from City Council to secure the position, first resigned. After further consideration, she then sought additional companies for bond approval and was able to secure two bonds from qualified companies.

Taxpayers will pay the more than $9,000 yearly difference.

"I think it's reasonable, if it wasn't I'm not sure I would be asking taxpayers to handle that burden but I think it is reasonable," said Webb.

She's drawn support from many, including Toledo's mayor and former county Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz.

"She's no different than half of the city of Toledo who've struggled to make ends meet."

While Webb addresses how her credit issue will play into her role as treasurer, she wants taxpayers to recognize her leadership in former positions, such as on city council.

She will remain treasurer until November when she will have to defend her title in the general election.

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