Local business excels in housing crisis and is looking for workers

Just a peak at some of the samples they have at The Countertop Shop.

The housing crisis and downed economy has taken a huge toll on small businesses and housing supply companies. But one local business not only survived those tough times, they are expanding.

The Countertop Shop in Holland owned by Mike and Karen Langenderfer contribute their sucess to the customer service they offer to everyone that comes into the door. "Whether they are looking for laminate or stone we give the best customer service we can," Mike said.

The Langenderfer's purchased the small residential countertop business in 2001. The local business, family owned and operated, began expanding in 2003 with the purchase of additional fabrication equipment.

In 2007 when the economy took a downturn, The Countertop Shop purchased new stone cutting equipment increasing production by 30 percent.

After eleven years of additional equipment purchases, increased production, capacity and sales, the business continues to grow and be profitable.

The company is doing so well that they are looking for help in the shop. "We're looking to have almost an entire second shift so we need people for the front end all the way to installers," Mike said.

Anyone who would like to apply for a job should email a resume to mike@thecountertopshop.net or give them a call at 419-868-9101.

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