Local Girl Scouts respond to Boy Scouts national decision to include girls

Former Girl Scout Beth Wyckoff looks at pictures of her and her mother in traditional uniform (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- Former Girl Scout Beth Wyckoff's ties with the organization run deep.

Her mother was a girl scout leader.Her daughters both did girl scouts and her granddaughters are following in the same path.

“It has been an extremely rewarding experience and that's what I love about girl scouting is really getting a chance to watch these kids grow."

But after more than 100 years, a shift is happening. Not only are girls fully welcomed in Girl Scouts, but now in Boy scouts too. On Wednesay the Boy Scouts Board of Directors announced 7-10 year old girls would be allowed to apply for the Cub Scout program , also promising the opportunity for older girls to earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

"They can earn the merit badges, they can go through the ranks they can go through the steps just like the boys do ," said former boy scout Jeremy stokes, Some, like stokes are elated, but others have delivered harsh criticism.

In a letter written in August, national Girl Scout president Kathy Hanna slammed the boy scouts calling the move to include girls detrimental to the youth they both serve.

The girls scouts of Western Ohio responding as well .

"Our girl scout curriculum and programs are developed specifically for our girls and research shows that when girls are in a single gender, all girl, girl focused environment they thrive," said Christy Gustin, Director of Regional Service for the western Ohio Girl Scouts.

The changes won't take place until 2018, but for some the change in tradition is not welcome.

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