Midwest Tape expands global HQ in Holland

Midwest Tape groundbreaking ceremony

TOLEDO - Midwest Tape, LLC., started off as a small local business, Sites and Sounds Home Video in 1983 located on Laskey Road.

President and Owner John Eldred, who has owned the business since 1983, was told he should sell the store's movies to Toledo Public Libraries. The rest is history.

The trusted library partner now sells over 13 million physical and digital forms of entertainment such as movies, cds, audio books and e-books throughout The United States and Canada. The company will expand to England and Australia with the help of Hoopla Digital.

Since the company is expanding and houses more than 350 employees, it is now moving its global headquarters to 7904 Airport Highway, Holland, Ohio. The 134,000 square foot building is set to open within the next nine months.

At the groundbreaking ceremony held on Thursday, Eldred said whenever he is having a bad day he goes into work, walks around the building and talks with employees, it automatically changes his day because he explained he believes in long-term relationships, how important the employees are and that they make what the company is today.

If you would like to visit their website for further information www.midwesttapes.com

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